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Substepping emiter positions without increase solver steps.

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There is a way to increase substeps of emitter positions without increasing substep of solver?


i think substep emitter positions additively and pass this information sumed to solver on next step.


for example:


i add "volume" positions  from frame .33 .66 .99 and inject this sum volume into frame 1 of pyrosolver..


i believe this can increase fast emitter precision without add extra substepping on solver..



maybe i overcomplicating things... is an easy way?





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A quick way of cheating substeps on emission sources is to use a trailSOP before the fluid source to fill out the inbetween frames.

So you'll have the source with fake baked in substeps so you can run the sim just on integer frames.

Hope this helps


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I usually Time Blend SOP + Time Shift SOP, with the Frame parameter set to $FF instead. This will fill out the inbetween frames, and then if you are using Fluid Source SOP, head to the Motion Blur tab and blend between frames how much you like.

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Hi David...


i´m trying your "Time Blend SOP + Time Shift SOP" approach, but it´s not working... how to attach?

the $FF is only on TimeShift?



i´m using "Source fuel from <object>" (source volume node) 

Just pop down the Time Blend, after that the Time Shift. On the Time Shift you set Frame parameter to $FF, and uncheck Integer Frames. After those two nodes you should have your Fluid Source SOP, where you now blend between frames on the Motion Blur tab.

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thanks, now its working!


but not very well yet, because something happens with "noise" emission, and emission almost disappear on fast moving frames.


using trail Sop the emission remains equal, so it´s working well, but the ideal if in some way trail can adapt based on distance from frame to frame-1. (but i not found a way)

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