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How to calculate the sweep positions on a NURBS curve?


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If you use a Copy SOP with a NURBS curve as the template, the Copy SOP will copy your geometry exactly on the points of the NURBS curve which are outside the curve (except the first and last).


But if you use a Sweep SOP, it copies your geometry at specific positions directly on the curve. I need to calculate the same positions myself.


Is there a way to do this? Perhaps in VEX or some kind of expression?



Thanks :)

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Thanks guys.


@mantragora: Yes but I don't need positions but other attributes, so I can't transfer attributes spatially because the curve might be self intersecting, etc.


@petz: I tried primuv, but I don't know what U values to use. Just doing PT/(NPT-1) doesn't work, nor seem any U coordinates generated by the Texture SOP.


Am I missing something?

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