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How to handle difficult collision geo in DOPs?


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Hi everyone, 

I'm quite a beginner in Houdini, so maybe someone can help me with this issue. I'm trying to create an erupting volcano with Flip Fluids (the lava, not the smoke), so I modeled a geometry which I'm trying to use as a collision in the DOP network. 

Now, when I'm trying to use the fluidsource SOP I get some weird artifacts and can't really manage to get a decent collision SDF volume. 
One thing I've noticed is that the new VDB volume is really fast and gives me a very good result, but even after I've used vdbconvert to convert my VDB to a default houdini volume I couldn't use it as a collision in DOPs using the sourcevolume DOP. (Please check my attached pics.) 

Are there any tips on how should I handle this problem? Is there a way to make this VDB volume usable by DOPs or ar there some parameters I can tweak that make the fluidsource SOP output a good collision volume? 

Thank you. 





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OK. Now i have another problem.

I'm using a sphere as a FLIP source, trying to fill the volcano's hole, so it can overflow. Unfortunately as soon as the liquid reaches the top of the spheres it will kill particles so it mainly stays at that volume. I don't really know how to explain this better so I added an hipnc file. Just preview some 70-80 frames of the AutoDopNetwork.

Is there a workaround this problem? How can I make my volcano overflow?


Thanks a bunch.


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