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Procedural Modelling a Hut


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Hi Guys,

              I'm really new to the world of procedural modelling and wondering if anyone could help :) . I've made two walls for the hut I'm making but having trouble getting all walls to line up and be built procedurally. If anyone could help I would really appreciate it...Thanks for looking at my post :)


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been trying to get to this for a while but been to busy,
sorry for taking so long


seems to be working fine for me, can you elaborate on what you want to change?


I made an extension of what you did that might be of use :)


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Thats ok Freek, thanks for getting back to me. I was just having problems with overlapping bricks (corners when scaling). Seems the example file has the same problem when you use an unusual shape (you made in Sops). Really cool example file. I will try implementing it into my current setup, thanks again for getting back to me  :D

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in that case you want to measure the length of on of the resampled pieces, and compare it to the target length so so have a scale value.

best way to do this is to treate every segment of the line seperately (carve sop carve at breakpoints),

do a for loop and then resample and measure the distance between point 0 and point1 and devide it by the target distance and use that as the scale attribute. to set the scale of your bricks on the copy sop.

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