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silly question?

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I have a float attribute called temp in attribcreate and i use paint sop to visualize this attribute and paint it.. now how the values are manipulated

for eg: now on point 22,the color  has rgb of (1,0.3,0) but the float attribute which i have overridden color in paint sop has a value of 0.9.. how this conversion happens :ph34r:

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that's because if you are using float attrib instead of Cd Paint SOP visualizes it's value in one of the modes of Visualize Mode parameter (which is by default Infra-Red) so that's where the remapping comes from

on top of that you can adjust Visualize Attribute Range to remap your attribute value from

to get exact representation of your float value intensity as color choose Grayscale Visualize Mode and don't use any remapping range

but usually you don't need Cd to be the same, that's why you are painting different attribute than Cd

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