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Make tips for fireworks?


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Hi all, I'm new to Houdini, and right now I'm working on making fireworks.


I want to make this kind of fireworks, which has very obvious sphere/oval shape at the tip. Like this:



From the fireworks example file that I found on Odforce forum, I'm able to create the fireworks without the tip. But I'm wondering how could I make tips like that?


Could anyone please show me how to do it?

I asked my professor several times, but he is too busy to help me and each time I asked, we always get interrupted by other students. In the end, I got nothing answered.... :(


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here is one way to do it.   With particles it isn't enough to just look at them in the veiwport.  They will all appear to be the same size, until it is rendered you won't be able to see the difference.  So basically I added a couple property nodes to control the size of each particle depending on the group its in.  ie birth, trail, split etc.


another way to do it is to use a copy sop and copy geometry to specific points.

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I tried to add a property node there to control the size of the particles at the tip, and although I have the source group set to split, but in the render every particle gets affected.

No matter which source group I set to, all the particles get enlarged.

I feel it's a stupid question but I don't know where did I do wrong...


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