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Tea and Cookies with Houdini

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This is my latest work. 


This was created as a way of creating commercial training video. The idea was create an image that would contain a wide variety a objects and materials that could be covered in the training.


The aim of the training is help people feel more comfortable with using houdini as their primary 3d tool.


There is a more detailed description for the training in the education section of the forum.



Rohan Dalvi



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Purchased Tea and Cookies, on lesson 5a now. Kinda mind-blowing... Amazing techniques. :-) Thanks!

At first I thought this was gonna be really boring things to model. But HOW they are modeled! That just keeps my interest glowing. Hours ticking away...


Probably the best tutorial when it comes to modeling in Houdini so far?

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Fake Pilot, Thanks for the wonderful compliments. 


If you thought Lesson 5a was good. Wait till you get to modeling the JAM. or maybe you already have. :)


Also a small piece of news. Some people prefer using Paypal, so that option is now available on the website.



Another news. The image just got added to the Sidefx Gallery.





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