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YSIZE returns XSIZE...!?

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Hi all,


This might seem weird, but for some reason when I use the bbox function & try to return the YSIZE, YMIN or YMAX, I get the X values...


Is this an issue others have had? Or am I missing something incredibly obvious in my global scene setup or something?


I've attached a simple example here where I'm trying to call the YSIZE of a tube.


(Full disclosure, I'm attempting to implement a noise controlled by a ramp, as can be found in examples kindly shared by Skybar & VBK on this thread http://forums.odforce.net/topic/18610-from-sop-nodes-into-a-single-vop-a-learning-process/ )




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In your VOPSOP, you are taking the wrong float from the VecToFloat. In order, they are XYZ for components 123 respectively. So since you want Y, you should take component 2 (the middle one). Right now you are taking the first, which is X and that is why you are getting X's values. 


Why it kinda works okay though is because your box is a perfect cube, so the YSIZE is the same as XSIZE.

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