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use of Sopsolver on deforming Geo


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Hello everyone, 


i am trying to transfer an attribute say color(for now) to a deforming Geo,  and i am using the sop solver for that, 

it completely works fine for a static geo, but if i say use object transformation , this doesnt work ?? 


so is that the solver cant work with the deforming geo, ??? 


any help would be great! thanks 


a sample scene file is attached  


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eetu, one more doubt, if u don't mind, i was going through the hip tricks volume 4, where there is a effect like termites eating the car. 


if i want to achieve the same kinda a effect, but for a deforming geometry ?? is where my doubt arised. 

 he grabs some point and groups it,  then inside the solver, he opens a point cloud and interates it and adds the searched point inside the same group, this repeats every frame! 


all i want is the same effect but for the moving geo,  


if u can pin point any solutions it would be great! 


just in case  a scene file is attached 


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