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H13 White water/Mist Emission Problem


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Hello Everyone,

I m roughly a newbie to Houdini and I've been working on a student project where this sewer is being flooded. The water sim is done, now I want to put up some white water and mist, but I'm having hard time to make it work.


I'm using the shelf tool so it should be pretty straight forward, but some how the white water/mist emission looks broken. It almost looks like the ww/mist emission only emits from the geo that I've use to emit the water. ( you can see at below, when you visualize the surface of the emission from the whitewater source node, I only get the geo that I previously used at the water sim.) I've tired my best but nothing really looks like making a progress. Maybe one of you can point out my problem.


I would much appreciate if you guys have the time to help me out.

Best regards..


(Expect my apologies if I've done any mistakes since its my first first :) )






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looks like your surface field is broken, 

1. Turn on surface under Guide in whitewater object. ( inside dop)

2. Notice if its matching your water simulation, most likely it will not match.

3. If its not matching, check how did you cached your sim, you should be using DOP I/O instead of dop import. middle click on your cache node to make sure you are saving surface and vel volumes.

4. once you get your surface field matches with your sim things should work out.


Hope this helps


All the best.

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