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Specular Anisotropy Problem

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Hi all,

I got a problem about rendering the metal stuff someting like gold.I use mantrasurface shader. When I set the specular anisotropy to 0.2 and I got a lot of triangle things on the surface. When I set to 0 that dispear.(You can see the picture)

I want to Know is there someting wrong what I have done? Please Help! Thanks!

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By default the mantra surface shader is set up to use the intrinsic s and t parameters of the geometry. This means that it only works properly with primitives that have an intrinsic parametrisation, that is, pretty much everything else but polygons. So a quick fix would be to change your sphere to a nurbs sphere.


For a more generic fix, you should change the shader to use explicit uvs to calculate the tangents - that parameter can be found on the big surfaceModel node inside the mantra surface material. Change that to Compute from UV, add proper uvs to your geometry, and you should be good to go.

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