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Newbee question: VEX If then block

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Hey, this is my first post as i'm just starting with houdini. I've got my head around a couple of things and all is good so far (I'm sure a lot of questions will pop up). I'm just looking into VEX and would like to place an If-then block in there to do some conditions. now here is the question: I place the if-then block in there and I think I understand how it works. the only question is how do i get stuff out of it, there is no output. I looked up some example files and the all have an out put in there. in all the examples there is a Subnet Outputs node (in the if-then subnet) which I seem not to be able to create (it's just not there if I create a new if-then block).


so the question is: if I drop in a if-then node in vex, should there be an output right there or do I have to do anything to get one (i also tried to connect up a condition and two inputs, but nothing will show up).


Seems as if I am missing something really obvious.






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Hey Mandrake0,


thanks a lot for your help. But what I still don't get is how you got to the output of the if-then block. if i through a new if-then node in the vopsop1 it comes up with only two inputs (condition and next) but there is no output. how did you create the _P output?





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ahh okey there you got stuck.... :-)


When you are in the VOP SOP


1. create a new IF-THEN_BLOCK

2. connect the compair output to the new IF-THEN-BLOCK Condition Value (when you are in my file)

3. Connect P to the  IF-THEN-BLOCK next

4. Double Click  IF-THEN-BLOCK and dive in to this node (or Key: i => in)

5. connect the  subinput_1 P to suboutput _P (when you don't do this you won't see a output)

6. go one up (Key: u => up)

7. now you can see the value in the output

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