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I am not sure about Hqueue still.I dont have a renderfarm at my place.

Is it possible to render the frames simulatenously using HQueue.i.e. for example to split the frame in each core of my machine and run it..for that kind of stuff,what is the prerequisite.

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As far as I know, you could run both the hqueue server and client on the same machine.

This would allow you to run several jobs simultaneously.


But do consider this:

- the server needs a bit of cpu power to serve the jobs

- the jobs you would send off are 'jobs', not threads of a single jobs. Meaning that for each job a certain amount of memory needs to be available. So if you renders require a lot of ram, you need to be careful your machine does not run out.

- There are variables you can set that limit the amount of procs each job is allowed to take up. Search for 'numthreads'.


It depends a bit on how many cores and how much ram your machine has.

You can run a job in the background (use half of your procs) and continue working. That's pretty useful for running wedges of sims too.

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thanks for the info Peter..I often encountered the word Hqueue with amazon cloud rendering :)


Could hqueue  be used to cache the frames simultaneously too? i mean to render out the bgeo and .sim files simultaneously(running 1 frame in 1 proc).

Caching and Rendering is CPU Intensive or GPU intensive??(I know a little that cpu is needed to push to gpu)

.Can hqueue be used for that too.

I have not tested HQueue yet as I was not sure about its purpose

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