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Hypercube animation?

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Hi all,


I'm having a bit of a play around with basic geometry, and thought to myself 'Hey, it'd be cool to make a little hypercube/tesseract animation'.


As with most things in life though, it turned out to be not quite that simple.


So, I'm wondering, has anyone ever set one of these up? It seems so crazily simple, yet crazily complicated at the same time.


(Simplest solution I've found to make a static cube is just polyextruding a cube then appending a polywire)


As ref, here's what I mean by hypercube:



Plus I found this old post that has a houdini rendered example, I'm trying to figure out what the expressions mentioned (along with the 4 transforms) are:




Thanks all! :)

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Yeah, I thought as much. But I'm kind of trying to figure out a way to do it on various different types of basic geo.


But then I suppose each one would be a special case of pairing points/adding lines/animating as the number of sides will vary.


I'm sure there's some clever maths that could solve it, maybe something to think about in my spare time for a while! :)

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