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python loading the wrong frame in python sop


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I made a little tool at the facility I'm working at and it's failing.  I can't figure out why.  Would any of the amazing experts here know what I'm doing wrong?  I use the python sop to load geometry, but different geometry based on the switches at the top level of the hda.  It seems to just pick a frame at random and load that one when submitted to the farm using a non-ui render license, then freeze and never change the frame loaded when each new frame is rendered.  However, when loading locally, it works just fine.  Would anyone know the cause of this?

Here's the code from the file loader, in case you need to see that to know what I'm doing wrong.  I'm still very new to python:

import os
node = hou.pwd()
n = hou.pwd()
geo = node.geometry()

#Get shot and user specific information from UI
  user = n.parm("../user").eval()
  print "failed to find user"
  user = "failed"

  show = n.parm("../show").eval()
  show = "failed"
  print "failed to find show"

  shot = n.parm("../shot").eval()
  print "failed to find shot"
  shot = "failed"

  seq = n.parm("../seq").eval()
  print "failed to find seq"
  seq = "failed"

  version = hou.expandString('$VERSION')
  print "failed to find version"
  version = 1

#take is this facility's sub-version or revision number
  take = hou.expandString('$TAKE')
  print "your take is not set in this file"
  take = 1

  cachename = node.parm("../cacheName").eval()
  print "failed to find cachename"
  cachename = "failed"

forcever = node.parm("../ForceVer").eval()
doproxy = node.parm("../doProxy").eval()
if forcever == 'default':
  forcever = 'v' + str(version).zfill(4) + '_t' + str(take).zfill(4)
#frame = hou.expandString('$F4')
frame = int(hou.frame())

pathname = '/jobs/' + show + '/users/' + user + '/' + seq + '/' + shot + '/fx/cache_geo_houdini/' + cachename + '/' + forcever + '/'
filename = show + '_' + seq + '_' + shot + '_fx_' + cachename + '_' + forcever + '.' + str(frame).zfill(4) + '.bgeo.gz'
proxfile = show + '_' + seq + '_' + shot + '_fx_' + cachename + '_' + forcever + '_PROXY.' + str(frame).zfill(4) + '.bgeo.gz'

if doproxy:
  #load prox
  if os.path.exists(pathname + proxfile):
    hou.Geometry.loadFromFile(geo,pathname + proxfile)
    #print 'writeprox'
    hou.hscript('opcook -F ../OUT_proxy_failed')
    hou.Geometry.loadFromFile(geo,pathname + proxfile)
  #load full
  if os.path.exists(pathname + filename):
    hou.Geometry.loadFromFile(geo,pathname + filename)
    print 'Cache file not found.'
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Yes, actually. :-)

I had been updating the otl frequently. When you do that and the version updates on the farm, the frame freezes. When I stopped tweaking it so much there were no problems.

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Oh, I wasn't changing the code of the Python node. that always stayed the same. I was adding extra nodes into my otl for more added functionality. importing the code would probably work if that was what I was changing. since the tool itself changed a little bit, it caused a problem. it didn't seem to matter that the part of the tool I was changing had nothing to do with the Python node.

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