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ramp problem

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Hello everyone,


I am trying to do something that ought to be simple I guess, but I am not an experienced houdini user, so...


Basically I am trying to create a setup that uses a point to create a ramp on a surface. The reason I want to use a point, and an attribute transfer (Cd), is that I can then translate this point, or even have something else move, "parent" the point, and have the ramp and all the things I want to add to it (noise etc.) translate in x and y with it. 


In the attached file, I have two examples:


In example1 I've created a ramp with some noise functionality etc.. This is kind of how I want things to look. I can shift the center of this ramp if I want, but not in an easy and intuitive way, and I cannot see an easy way of making it dependent on the animation of another object.


Example2 is an unfinished (since I am stuck) thing. I can create the base level of colour through the attribute transfer, but have not found a way to multiply that value to create a ramp with a falloff from the center, and preferably a spline ramp to control the falloff. And it would also be great to be able to multiply the circular ramp with some noise, and choose if the ramp will "swim" through the noise, or have the noise come along for the ride. In the end I need to be able to animate the curve and have everything follow it.

How on earth can I do this? Any suggestions?





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