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Super fast rendering

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Is there a way to get a super fast render out of Houdini?, Kind of like a flipbook, but I'd like to queue them etc


Basically I have a number of shots setup in my scene, cameras, takes, bundles etc. I've got a bunch of scripts and ROP nodes setup to render them all, but first I'd like to get a super draft version output so I can do a preliminary edit, make sure all my in/out points are ok, cameras are good etc. I don't want any shadows, lighting, AO etc. I've played with everything mentioned on here, removed reflections, refractings, shadows etc,  (couldn't find how to get rid of AO, I think it's embedded in the algorithm), brought samping down to 1, turned off the ray variance, tried raytracing vs PBR vs micropoly. I removed everything I could and exported 640x360, until basically all I was getting was almost a bunch of colored noise that resembled my scene. but still I can't get my rendering under 3-4 seconds per frame, and with thousands of frames to output, that's still hours to wait. I've also tried different files and encoding / compression (or lack of) to see if that's the bottleneck. But even uncompressed tiff (about 300KB per frame writing to an SSD) was at 3-4 seconds per frame. 


All of my geometry is cached, when I press to do a flipbook it speeds through them at realtime speed so it's nothing in my scene either. In fact the quality in the opengl rendered is far good enough for my needs, but I have 36 shots and to keep exporting flipbooks manually and individually is a major pain in the arse and unmanageable. 


So my two questions are:


1. Is there a superfast old school renderer that can just churn out draft renders for previz purposes?

2. failing that, is there a way to queue and manage flipbook generation, ideally somehow linked to all of my mantra nodes (to know what cameras, frame ranges, objects, bundles, takes etc to use)


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