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Painting Weights Brush Question

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I'm moving from C4D to Houdini and ocasionally some simple things stump me.


I'm trying to paint weights on a mesh in the Paint Capture sop but I'm encountering some weird problems with my brush.


I was able to paint smoothly as seen in the top part of the mesh. Colors blended and I was able to paint across polygons.


Then, for whatever reason, my brush changed and now it paits only in the center (no matter how big I make it) and it seems to favor painting in a whole polygon instead of being able to paint across polygons. See example in red lower part.


Any help figuring this out wold be greatly appreciated.




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Is it possible that those polygons are not connected? Or perhaps you have duplicate points?


Thank you for the help.


You were right because the vertices weren't all fused. I put a fuse sop and it all worked perfectly.


Is this behavior due to the fact it was an obj? This is what the tutorial I was doing gave us.


Thanks again.

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