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vop connection area

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I've created a couple of tools/shortcuts to simplify and handling nodes in an easier way.

I'm a huge fan of hotkeys so everything that can save some cliks is welcome.


there are some things that I don't know how to fix, and i think it need to be fixed from hdk in some way. But I have no idea how to deal with that.


one of these things regards the link/unlink of nodes. 

In Vop the sensible area  for connection is not limited around the connection arrow, but it takes all the parameter name. This often leads to unwanted connections. very annoying :(




is there a way to configure this?



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well, it also give more room to a bad click.




if i want to click on the output parameter x_off for example, it's a matter of 1 pixel and i can grab the input freq.

I can see other people commit the same mistake over and over, but apparently i don't have patience for this.


sure the funky cursor wich is not stable neither in windows and in linux does not help. Sometimes it stick to the vertical resize arrows, sometimes swap between default windows and red houdini arrow, depending what is hovering. 


I think there must be a better way to handle these connections. I am at a point where sometimes i prefer using a keyboard shortcut to connect/disconnect than of clicking on wires.


i've never worked with softimage ice, but from some videos i've seen it looks  it "feels" better.



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well, the point was to be faster and reducing the error from the user.


I like to be fast and not loosing time in pressing keys, the problem is getting things better, and faster.


maybe a heavier glow on the connection or highligt the current parameter name could help to see better what i'm about to connect ??


maybe something like zoom feature in modo ? i didn't tried that.

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I don't know about modo, but you can already zoom. But still, if you are in such a hurry to connect your vops and continually connect them wrong, I believe you'd gain quite a lot of time taking it a bit slower and connecting them right instead. Also save presets for setups you tend to use often.

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