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Pyro Rendering


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I've recently started playing around with pyro shader again. I just simulated my pyro fx and the result of the shape I was looking for is accurate, though I had to increase the Fluid Source's Temperature and Fuel to approach the shape I needed. That being said, now I'm wondering if I'd be able to get a complete oil burn smoke fx from Pyro shader aka fire_ball. All I'm getting is a blown out render, could this be done in shader or do I have to do something else about it?


Thank you for your response(s) in advance.

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how does it look in the Viewport?


If it looks fine there try linking the shader to your "pyro" node from the utility tab in the shader.

That should match up your renders more or less to the result in the viewport, which is indeed a fine starting point.


also check these two:



More in Depth but definetley worth it:



Thats all I can tell you. Still learning here as well.

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Thank you!


Yes, it did look blown out in viewport as well, but I've realized what the issue was yesterday, which was just my own forgetfulness to check the pyro in viewport, I just simulated and straight went for shading. However, now my pyro looks rather transparent. It has hard edges but inside of pyro is 80% transparent. Would anyone by any chance know what causes that? I've checked the dissipation several times but it's not the dissipation causing it.

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Unfortunately, I do not have the same file anymore, sorry. I started over my file awhile back with new pyro sim and saved it over the same file I had. However, I found this almost relative thread to the same problem I had before if you're interested (http://forums.odforce.net/topic/19448-transparency-trouble/?hl=%2Btransparent+%2Bpyro).


Thanks again.


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