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I'm trying to setup a splash tank to interact with an object, but the splash tank isn't behaving correctly. I can't figure out what the issue is.


The splashtank_initial looks correct. I do import my own oceanspectrum, but that seems fine as the wavetank particles match up to the ocean for every frame.


The issue I get occurs in the AutoDopNetwork. It seems like the number of particles is doubling for each frame. It's like it's sourcing the ocean for each frame and creating new particles but leaving the old ones. Is this correct? By the time I'm 100 frames in, the splashtank water level rises by a meter. It just keeps adding particles.


Any ideas as to where I may have gone wrong?



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Hi Brian,

From your explanation , I made what appears to be your scene.

In the splashtank_initial I "imported" replaced the oceanspectrum


the scene is working without any "number of particles is doubling for each frame"


This test is with Houdini 13.0.447.


Could you put your scene up and we can see what the difference is ?

or explain how you "imported" the oceanspectrum. I just copied and replaced it into the obj/splashtank_initial.



















splash_tank_changed ocean spectrum.hipnc

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Hi Brian

the first test from your hip:


Is this where you are getting those duplicated POPS

on my workstation in that area that you mentioned is doing it okay


I did it here DOP.jpg



can you confirm the exact place ?





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Hello Brian.

I did some test on your file and I see that you have the Reseed Particles checked in the Flip Solver.

It could be set like this by default.


Anyway this could be the reason of your ...

"It seems like the number of particles is doubling for each frame"


Here are the test files etc... with the Reseed Particles UNCHECKED.


I am just curious on the way on how  you are going to shade these elements

splash_sim over the Ocean_surface.


or will you do a compo. It just seems to me that it´s gona be hard to mix this in the same file ?


the ocean shader uses the velocity for the foam etc.. and the velocities of the splash tank will have it´s own velocities.

how do you pretend to match these.

I am really curious of the method that could be used for this technique that that you are doing. The IDEA seems really cool , or are there other methods that you can use to have a huge ocean and inside a section with a splash ? 







btran (reseed_unchecked).hipnc

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I just ended up redoing the splash tank creation and it works fine now. Must have been a weird bug. I think 'reseed particles' needed to stay checked since it is by default - guessing it controls other things.


I was going to try blending the two fluid meshes and see how it turns out. I will let you know how it goes/turns out when I get that far. Just learning and figuring things out as I go at the moment.


Thanks Mike for your help so far though.

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