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Point normal to drive direction

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Hi all,


I'm modeling a procedural house where i am controlling the dimensions of the house from points in an add sop. I'm duplicating panels around using the points positions and clipping them. However, where the roof declines, I want to drive the clip plane sops direction from the point normal between the two points defining the roofs direction. I have no idea how to proceed as I am fairly new to Houdini.


I have attached a simple example hip.


 All help appreciated :-)




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I figured it out using the point expression and rotating the normal 90 degrees for some reason.. Why is that?


Attached the solved hip. 

The Clip SOP wants the direction, and before you rotate the normal it isn't pointing to where you want. The clipping plane is perpendicular to the normal, if you will. You could do something like this to get the same result, added nodes are in yellow:


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