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setup whitewater with chached bgeos


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okay guys, this is driving me crazy. I have a bgeo flip sim cached out (with surface and velxyz fields), then somehow deleted my source file. So I now want to add whitewater to my cached sim. How do I set this up? 


I'm bringing the sim in with a file node, then I just click the shelf tool. it tells me to select a fluid, so I select my file node (what else is there) and I get an error saying no fluid selected.. What am I supposed to do?


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You have to 'load from disk' the bgeo cache in the DOP I/O node you used to export it (if you used a ROP, it's the one you connected with) and then it will work using the shelf tool and selecting the fluid. It will simulate the whitewater from the cache file.

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Guest frostbite

Just put a "file" and a "switch" node so that your white water network points to the file node (cached bgoes) as a source. 

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