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Pyro FX - Set initial data H13


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Hello guys!


I'm new to the pyro solver and I have understood somewhat the basics of the solver, but for now what's keeping me hitting on a wall is how do I set the initial values for the simulation. I have exported a .bgeo using a DOP I/O dop with the fields that should be needed (temperature, vel, density, fuel and heat), and pointed to them on the smoke object dop but can't figure out how to map the heat on that initial state.


I'm giving you guys the link to my .bgeo file if anyone can help me out. Thanks a lot everybody!



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from http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini13.0/dyno/pyro



  • Where fuel exists and the temperature is above a certain point, “burn” is created.

  • Burn creates heat (visible flames).

 so I guess there is not way to initialize the heat field directly (or burn for that matter) ,  just know that by initializing temperature and fuel those will be created by the solver.



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