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Found 15 results

  1. Hello, I have a massive smoke simulation going on, and now I want to export this simulation in vdb's, to import them into a another 3d software (Blender). But when I click on the cache button or render to disk button, everything goes well, until frame 70 +-10 frames or so.. and then it stops because I am getting out or RAM. As I have 64 GB RAM, I would love if someone could explain me, how can I export the whole simulation, without decreasing the smoke division size... or smoke quality! I have tried to just export the density field, but then the smoke looks kinda low res and only if I am exporting ALL pyro fields, like: density, temperature, fuel, vel x, vel z, vel y.... and so on, then the smoke is high-res in Blender. But if I am exporting all fields, then it stops after frame 70 because of the RAM... is it possible to cut this simulation in parts and exporting them seperatly or somehow optimizing the fields or the pyro sim or vdb's so that I can export the whole simulation without any problems AND in high-res quality? Thanks for advance Daniel
  2. Hey, I am trying to make a rocket liftoff scene - from a sea platform. What I have done/try already: - played with the smoke settings and different Gas-nodes - trying to play with the buoyancy and some gas turbulence but the result is not how I want it... (the smoke is going up but not down, as the sea platform a bit above the sea) I want to make something like in this video: from minute 1:37 the smoke... It would be nice, if someone could help me to achieve this kind of effect
  3. Hello! I was wondering how you make 2 pyro sims interact with each other. Mainly taking the force of one sim, and having it affect the other. For example, a Flame thrower as the first pyro sim, then it interacts with a floor dust sim, and the velocity from the flame thrower moves the ground dust. I understand that the velocity from the flamethrower can be used in the other pyro sim, but i dont know how this is done. Up until now i have only worked with once source, with once container. Not sure how this works. Any help is appreciated!
  4. Hey all, So, I have a problem. I have a large scale animation where a sphere (a meteor) is destroying a brigde. I have add to the debris node - billowy smoke, but I cant see anything of the smoke in my viewport. What I make wrong? I hope someone can help me here the file: Brige destruction.hipnc
  5. Hey, This is a personnal project I did this year with Axel Blin. I did all the Fx, rendering and compositing. Axel made the Animation.
  6. Hello, The effect I'm trying to create is a dragon fire effect, However since I've added new translation to the particle emitter and and container the simulation no longer runs correctly. I believe this is to do with the individual DOP networks yet I'm not sure. Any help would be great since I've been stuck on this issue for some time Thank you Dragon_flames11.hipnc
  7. Hello! When I make a smoke trail, it makes several containers for the same smoke. This is something I love when I make the simulation. But when I export it to VDB and try to render it, it only renders a black cube. I discovered that it was because the simulation had several containers because when I filter it with a Blast and choose only one containers, I avoid this problem. Would there be a way to merge all containers into one? Thank you!
  8. Hello, I'm trying to get particles to drive a pyro simulation to create a flamethorwer effect. However i keep getting random unexpected motion, I've tried sourcing the velocity of the particles to fix it but it doesn't give the look i want. I've attached my hip file Dragon_flames5.hipnc
  9. Hello! I'm animating a burning match, and here is my problem : The ignition starts too slowly, even if I set up a fast fire. Is there a way too fix this? This is the kind of ignition I would like to make : Thank you!
  10. Hello! I'm encountering a little problem with Pyro Fx. When I export a geo file from any fire, the attributes of heat, temperature and fuel look good in the viewport but when I render them, I get a particles cube. It seems that those attributes are not exported in my bgeo files (I tried with Vdb files and got the same result). Is it a bug or is there a step that I missed in the export? Thank you!
  11. I am new to Houdini and trying to finish my graduate showreel, however I am having some issues with the look of pyro FX smoke tools. The main issue I have is that when the smoke emitter moves too quickly (which is not very quick at all) then I get these clouds of smoke rather than a continuous plume of smoke following the emitter. Secondly, the smoke does not seem to continue rising a dispersing like smoke normally would. Instead it just seems to hover where it got emitted. If anyone on here could give me some advice so that I can finish my showreel and begin the daunting task of trying to find a job as a junior 3D generalist that would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Hello guys! I'm new to the pyro solver and I have understood somewhat the basics of the solver, but for now what's keeping me hitting on a wall is how do I set the initial values for the simulation. I have exported a .bgeo using a DOP I/O dop with the fields that should be needed (temperature, vel, density, fuel and heat), and pointed to them on the smoke object dop but can't figure out how to map the heat on that initial state. I'm giving you guys the link to my .bgeo file if anyone can help me out. Thanks a lot everybody! https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/19910308/Seq_003c_fire_Initial_v01.bgeo
  13. Hello everyone... Current personal project I'm working on for my reel. Please check it out and let me know what you think. Keep in mind, this hasn't been rendered, this is directly from the viewport. All critiques are welcome and I'll be glad to share the hip file to anyone that wants to see what I did. Enjoy!
  14. Hi guys I'm trying to sim out a pyro fx in Houdini but everytime I do something happens to the bego file. The file would stop growing and just come out as 2 KB but that shouldn't happen the frame before that was at 3 million KB. For the next few frames they all come out as 2 KB but then randomly the next frame comes out at 4 million KB or just stay a 2 KB.I tried read in the file to see what was happening but on the 2 KB frames there's no data.I attach the file and the video for the read in files, but the files won't work can't send the cache files i'm working with. exp_test.mov sep_17.hipnc
  15. Hi, i want to retime simulated smoke. I got some idea to do it dynamically. I have density and velocity fields. I'm trying to readvect the existing density with existing velocity with more substeps and changing the timescale of advect field microsolver. But i'm weak in microsolvers and can't realize the starting point. So if i import density and vel fields from cached sim, then make other density field and advect by cached vel with some different timescale and more substep, theoratically it should work. Would really appriciate any suggestion and help.
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