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A question about FindnearestPoints with Points limit

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I have a question! Is there a function about the K-Nearest Neighbor algorithm in HDK. I just find the "findAllCloseIdx(pt,maxdist,list)".It works fine. But I wonder if there is a function like ”pcopen()“ in vex. “findAllCloseIdx" has a "maxdist" option. I also need the "maxpoints" limit to make it more faster.Please help me!


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Thanks for reply! Yes I have tried that . What I mean is I need points limit. i.e I just want to get 5 points within the maxdist(I don't care if these 5 points are the five closest points) and stop searching even if there is 1000 points within the maxdist. I think it will much more faster for searching.


PS. In fact, many methods that return or use GEO_Point objects like findNearestPt() have been removed for the next major release of Houdini.

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Please use GEO_PointTreeGAOffset instead of GEO_PointTree as the GEO_Point class is being phased out. Consider using the findNearestGroupIdx() method.


That's right I used GEO_PointTreeGAOffset for hdk13. I will have a try for findNearestGroupIdx() method. Thanks !

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