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Pop attract per wire obj

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Im using pop attract in combination with wire object and it works pretty well, but I cant figure out how to deactivate it for points or primitives that got gluetoanimation attribute set to 0, meaning that wire has deattached from surface. And at the same time keep it affecting other wires that are still glued to the surface.

Im afraid i cant post the scene file.


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so you want to have POP Attract on for points with gluetoanimation is 1 and off when it's 0 (free)?

wouldn't that mean that when it's 1 POP Attract can't affect the points because they are glued and when it's 0 you want it off so it will not affect it at all, never


no matter what

to turn it off for points with gluetoanimation 0 you can just

turn on VEXpressions on POP Attract/Force tab 

then type something like

forcescale *= f@gluetoanimation;
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Thanks anim, and you are totally right, it wont do any good.

Im trying to figure out how could I tell pop attract node that the wire has detached from animation geo so stop affecting it, but continue affecting the ones that are still pinned.

Maybe you could do something like this? if there was a change of gluetoanimation attribite in the wire, then dont affect the points that are in that wire? No idea how I would write it.

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now I get what you mean

so you want to have force act on wire if at least 1 point of the whole wire is glued to animation

and not act at all when none of the wire is glued


in that case you can insert simlple sop solver which will promote gluetoanimation to prim (maximum) and back to points (under different name like glued) so that only if no point of the whole wire is glued to animation, glued will be 0


then control forcescale by glued attrib


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