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Nice to meet you friend 


I am Japanese. 

I'm sorry, I do not speak English. 

It is written using a translator. 


I have a question. 


When I displayed in the MPlayViewer DustParticle, 

Gamma2.2 you would have been applied to alphaChannel of the image. 

If you check in AfterEffects, etc. (exr, Linear) the image that I have output, 

alphaChannel becomes the state of gamma1.0, DustParticle you are lost. 


While I was in the same state the image output from the image that was confirmed by MPlayViewer, 

Is it possible to to gamma1.0 only alphaChannel in MPlayViewer?
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Can you post some pictures please.


It will make it clearer to understand.






I'm sorry sentences difficult to understand. images and was confirmed by rendering in houdini, alphaChannel of the image that was actually output is different. 
I will put some images. 
■The first is an image that you preview rendered in houdini. (I want this) 
■The second is an image that was rendered from mantra node.


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