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Found 23 results

  1. jamesr

    MPlay Batch

    Hey everyone, if you're using MPlay to view and write out multiple flipbooked image sequences, you should check out MPlay Batch. It's a package that adds on an extra menu to MPlay that has options for quickly writing all the in-memory sequences to disk either as an image sequence, a video, or both! If you wind up giving it a try (or have any questions) please let me know what you think. Thanks!
  2. I want to change the default mplay(er) to RV or DJV. Better performance, more possibilities, special in comparing different flipbooks. And yes I know that comparing is also possible with mplay. Any suggestions?
  3. Hey all I have a strange problem. After I have minimized the mplay render window and reopen it after that my middle mouse button isn't working anymore. I can't move the renderview window and cant even open the topics like "File" "view" "Render".... in the Mplay window... How to fix this?
  4. Hi All, I am creating a flipbook using below python code and calling those image seq. in nuke but while importing it's colorspace is set to paintspace if I change this to sRGB then things look fine but the issue is I don't have any controls on NUKE function as it's implemented in database and works simply if i pass a image seq in it. Is there any other way I can fix issue while exporting from houdini itself. There are 2 things I came to know about it but don't know this are the actual cause of issue. Houdini Menu > Edit > ColorSetting > Colorcorrection MPlay > Colorcorrection Bar If above are the solution to fix this issue then what exactly has to be done in python way ? If above are not the solution then how to fix this issue ? flip_book_seq_path = '/u/{}/Desktop/flip.$F4.exr'.format(USER) cur_desktop = hou.ui.curDesktop() scene = cur_desktop.paneTabOfType(hou.paneTabType.SceneViewer) flip_book_options = scene.flipbookSettings().stash() flip_book_options.output(flip_book_seq_path) start_f = 1001 end_f = 1002 flip_book_options.frameRange((start_f, end_f)) flip_book_options.outputZoom(100) flip_book_options.useResolution(1) x = 1980 y = 1020 flip_book_options.resolution((x, y)) flip_book_options.cropOutMaskOverlay(1) scene.flipbook(scene.curViewport(), flip_book_options)
  5. Hey, Anyone else having an issue with 17.5.258, where redshift 17.5.229 rendering works fine... but my flipbooks (Mplay) crash? I can render with Mplay but when I go to flipbook anything it leaks mem and them flipbook crashes saying it can't display images. If I remove the env variable pointing to the taskbar, flipbooks work? if I use an earlier redshift plugin version (i.e. 17.0.506), the self and flipbooks work fine... but there isn't the same functionality. There doesn't seem to have the RS proxy output. Please let me know if you have run into this or an issue similar. Thanks
  6. Hi All, I have a little question about Mplay. I want to make an HDA which can launch a sequence image file in Mplay. Actually I use the subprocess.Popen(['mplay', 'path']) command. But I want to configure this Mplay session (setting FPS and other things;) But I don't understand how to do it. I search in the documentation and internet, and I can't find a hou.something which can launch Mplay, maybe to have a connection between Mplay and the current houdini session. Can you give me a basic structure of python code to do this kind of things? Thanks
  7. When I render a flipbook in 18 a water mark from the viewport shows up that reads Indie Edition. This wouldn't be there when I was in 17 but I don't remember if I found a way to turn it off or if by default it was off. When I save out the image sequence it's still there. Anyone know a way to get rid of it? Screenshot attached. THanks, -Pete
  8. Hello, here at the studio we want to use houdini more. We use shotgun heavily for flipbook/playblast discussion and feedback and we need a faster export from mplay. Whenever i hover over the export tab in mplay, the application freezes and loads hundreds of different quicktime video codecs. Is there a way to fix that? Its really slowing us down.
  9. Hello, I'm currently doing a render of my sim and when I try to export the sequence, it will stick with "classic" sRGB. However my goal would be to export it with the ACES color correction I have in MPlay. Do you think it is possible ? Thanks in advance.
  10. Hello! Probably a simple solution, but how do I match mplay's frame range to houdini when I render to ip? Let's say my houdini frame range is 101- 150. If I launch a flipbook, the range will be 101-150. If I render to ip, the frame range will be 1-50. Is there an easy way to correct this? thanks in advance
  11. Hey guys, I'm having a hard time exporting mov files on H17. I can only export avi files and the files are pretty huge. This is the error. Does anyone knows what it could be? Thx Alvaro
  12. Anyone else feel like 16.5 crashes more frequently than previous builds? One way which can be replicated is hitting esc whilst creating a flipbook. This is quite annoying. 16.5.405, CentOS 7
  13. Hello hive mind! I'm looking for a better solution to saving out my flipbooks as .mp4s. Right now I have ffmpeg installed so I can go directly from mplay and save an .mp4, but I cannot figure out how to change the preset for the menu so that the default file name matches my naming convention. Which is really annoying. I'm looking for any of these solutions! 1) Does anyone know how to update this ffmpeg window with a custom string in the "Output File" field? 2) Does anyone know where mplay stores the tmp images, so I could grab them straight from there and go to ffmpeg from a shell? 3) Does anyone have a better solution for flipbooking? Thanks!
  14. Hi Currently running H Indie 16.5.439 on Ubuntu 18.04. One recurring issue I am having is the inability to export video (MPEG-4) from Mplay , irregardless of what output settings or video dimensions I choose. I always seem to get an error related to ffmpeg like the attached image. First I see a warning "Please use q:a or q:v, q:scale is ambiguous" and then I get a NULL followed by "Unable to find suitable output format for Should I report this a bug, or is it more likely something wrong with my ffmpeg installation?
  15. Mplay is not working.. mantra ipr also not working It shows in mantra node. Socket command exit :1 Mantra tile imager open failure:Tiled Mplay device:socket = (nil) pack =(nil) flip = 0 quit = 0 File:ip Mantra: Could not open imager
  16. Hi! For some odd reason after I create a flipbook, I click file>export>video for windows 64 bit, and that crashes. It started doing this when I updated to Houdini 16.5 from 16. Anyone have any ideas why this would happen? If I do video for windows 32 bit, it works. I used to be able to do for 64 bit in houdini 16. thanks
  17. Does anyone have a simple solution for exporting with a naming convention from mplay? I'm always using the export > ffmpeg feature. But it always is defaulting to untitled.mp4. I'd like it to use the .hipname or something, but I can't figure out how to change that output file name preset. Perhaps another option would be to use the ffmpeg command and grab these images from there tmp location but that seems like overkill.. Any suggestions would be great! Thanks hive mind!
  18. Hello, I am having strange issue - renders coming out of mantra aren't displayed consistently in various apps. I believed that I would be safe with EXRs as they are linear and should be properly displayed in apps. Pixel data are identical when inspected pixel by pixel. However I noticed slight difference when displayed in mplay, nuke, rv, djv_view Any ideas? I made sure that in Nuke I am loading linear exr and no custom lut / IP is being used in viewer. I attached sample exr so that you can test it out. Thanks, Juraj img.exr
  19. hey there, I cant write mp4 files out of mplay anymore. all I get is this error window Any idea whats up?
  20. Hello Odforce Is it possible to link two mplay sessions so I can have a side by side comparison of my animations ? If I have the same frame count and get lucky pressing play it works, but it doesn't really work everytime. Thanks!
  21. Hello, I noticed when flipbooking viewport that Mplay eats a lot of memory. For example when I flipbook 200 frames, according to Task Manager it will take 2.7 GB of RAM. Is there any way to decrease it? I don't need flipbook to be high quality - I suspect that it stores images in hdr. Thanks, Juraj
  22. Hi Everyone, Every time I do a flipbook it takes about 4GB of space on my HD. I have searched the whole C drive looking for those heavy file/s. I looked at the TEMP folder but that folder is very light. I looked at my C drive for latest modified files and no trace of any large files being created but I see the HD space going lower. I've tried restarting houdini and my machine hoping it was some sort of temporary cache but to no success. Can someone help ? thanks, Fred
  23. Nice to meet you friend I am Japanese. I'm sorry, I do not speak English. It is written using a translator. I have a question. When I displayed in the MPlayViewer DustParticle, Gamma2.2 you would have been applied to alphaChannel of the image. If you check in AfterEffects, etc. (exr, Linear) the image that I have output, alphaChannel becomes the state of gamma1.0, DustParticle you are lost. While I was in the same state the image output from the image that was confirmed by MPlayViewer, Is it possible to to gamma1.0 only alphaChannel in MPlayViewer?
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