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CGsociety Workshop FX-FLuids

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I am interested in the Spencer Lueders CGsociety Online Workshop about Houdini FX Fluids. Is it worth to spent 650 bucks for it? ...if anybody have some experiences with cgsociety online workshop, iam really interested in your opinion.

It would be my first time to participate online workshop.





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jason, thanks for your opinion and the links :)


i know theres some really good and free tuts out there. but there covering mostly specific and small parts, with different quality (reqarding content & and the way of teaching)

..but what i think is nice regarding the online  workshop:  i've a industry experienced teacher on my hand. the course is all about volumes (http://workshops.cgsociety.org/courseinfo.php?id=545&utm_campaign=lueoct545&utm_source=cgsociety&utm_medium=forumpost)

At the end I have something like a "force", because i have to deliver my tasks and my teacher is judging. and i hoping mr lueders teaching some really nice production-proof tricks and tips.


but maybe i'm wrong :(


..if anybody took part on online workshop (cgsociety), who could share his experinces would be great :)

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Hey Tom,


Obviously, I do have a biased opinion but I think its is definitely good value for the money ;)  


This course dives into the low level concepts used to create, and control fluids.  Its is more than just a course telling you what buttons to push to get some effect.   It comes from a production point of view and also is more about teaching proper techniques and concepts that you can use and adapt to create whatever your need is.  


The methodology for generating the foam I think is worth the price of the course alone. ;)   


Jason,  as you have not taken the course I am curious what you are basing your feedback on?  I disagree entirely that the course is the same as doing those tutorials and using the shelf buttons.  

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hey spencer, the teacher himself :P ...thanks for your point of view. 

many free tutorials out there explaining how you I use the shelf tools...and thats NOT what I wanted.  I want to know what happens behind.


...so I have no doubt about the high quality content.  its more an issue about online tut works for me...but i think i have to try :)

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The general feedback on the format of the workshop has been quite good.  Basically, there are 8 weeks and each week has between 90min-2hrs of content split up into ~10-15min videos.  


You do them on your own time and there is a forum where you post questions, work, etc which myself, as well as the other students participating, can give feedback on.

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Hey Tom - the value is derived from what you can get out of it - Teacher Spencer is legit.


Sounds like the question is really if want production or mathematical knowledge of the solvers.

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> are 8 weeks and each week has between 90min-2hrs of content split up into ~10-15min videos

ah good info ...for me is all about time management :)



since i am more a eye-based (then number-based) artist, hoping its not sooo mathematical. otherwise i have to refresh my math knowledge and working through this source  http://natureofcode.com/book/


anyway, thanks for helping me to find a decision.


ps.: the mod could shift the thread to "education"...i overlooked it.

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