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Ground dust driven by an extremely fast velocity


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I've assigned an fast velocity force in the pyro dop, then I got a very pixelated result like the example below. 


I followed  the thread  to add max substep, and change the type of advection method to my dust. It seems help by give it a large number of advect CFL or change the advection method to single step, but those noisy dots are still inside of the volume.


What do I need to fix if I want to keep the speed and size of the dust? Thanks for any help.



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Agreed, CFL can only react once it detects high velocities.  It can give more predictable results to just set a hard minimum substeps, so you don't have to rely on it detecting a trigger condition.

Any fluid sim will start to break down if you attempt to make the contents travel across more than a couple of voxels in a single step.


Advection substeps won't have nearly as much effect as absolute substeps.  It's an accurate pressure solve you're interested in... if you have that, advection tends to work well pretty much regardless.

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