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Nuke opininons


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Hello. I am thinking to start learning Nuke. I heard a lot of good opinion about this program.

So far I was just using Adobe After Effects.

Is here someone who was using both programs and is able to compare them a bit?

I'm just afraid about few things: if my computer will be strong enough for Nuke and how much cost licence for Nuke, is it expensive?

Any other information will be welcomed.

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Nuke is an incredible 3D compositing software which is the industry standard for film and TV.  Nuke us a node based software similar to Houdini so I personally found it very easy to use.  I haven't spent much time with After Effects, mostly because I am very familiar with the node based work flow.  If your computer can handle after effects I don't see why nuke should be an issue.  You can download a free trial to check it out.   On the cost side of it.... is Nuke expensive... absolutely.  At 5850 Euros it is the most expensive software I use, but I love it.   Switching to another software from Nuke would be as bad as having to use Maya for effects.   I'll do it, but I won't be too happy about it. 

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the Foundry site will have a ton on information, including a trial edition you can download and LOTS of tutorials and info on pricing.


Nuke is VERY different from After Effects...but IMO a far superior product (if you're doing VFX compositing, AE is probably your bast choice if you're doing motion graphics).

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I use both After Effects and Nuke for my own projects, with the division roughly being that pure 3D renders will go to AE and any live-action compositing, tracking, matchmoving, etc. will go to Nuke since its tools are considerably more robust in those areas (in fact, the best 3D tracker available for AE is a plug-in version of NukeX's camera tracker!). Another big one - organization! Managing very complex projects can get tedious pretty quick in After Effects, but Nuke makes it much easier to keep things tidy and reusable. With that said, I like AE as well because that's where my background is, and I've been able to develop a good workflow for the basic color / levels / finishing work which is all that many of my shots require. 


Learning Nuke is very worthwhile and useful especially if you plan on working for larger studios in the future, but whatever you do, don't get bogged down in the "If I only had that one piece of software..." trap when working on your own projects. If you can make a great image with After Effects, you can make a great image in Nuke. The best thing is to master concepts and apply them to different software as the need arises in your career. 

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