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sweep thickness and twist


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Hi everyone I was wondering if anyone has suggestions of how to achieve / setup a thickness / twist control for sweeped objects. I've been digging for solutions and haven't found a solid solution yet, any insight is appreciated.




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i thought i had seen a way to apply the attributes to the curve (backbone), and they then transfer over, using vop sop ramps to control them. I'm just wondering if there is any good insight on how to do that, the setup that is.

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The nice thing about the sweep sop, its that it can evaluate per point attributes so you can use in this case the point number and the total number of points to use it as lookup for a ramp, to then control some native parameters of the node. 

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Those options are not available by default in the sweep SOP. Pazuzu added them himself and uses them to control the roll and scale.

The amount of roll and scale is taken from the ramp parameter and not from the backbone, it's not transfering any existing attributes.

If you need control based on already existing attributes from the backbone you need the copy SOP with its stamp function and add and manipulate the N and up attributes by yourself to control the orientation.

Though if you are creating attributes the same way they are created now with ramps, obviously the extra step to transfer them over isn't needed and the sweep that Pazuzu provided will be enough.

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