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H13 Sky Rig, what am I missing?


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Playing with H13's Sky Rig, it seemed like impossible for me to get anything out of it looking like clouds. I mostly played with Noise amplitude and scale, but that didn't get me anywhere. Also, I increased Volume Quality to values like 19, which takes a lot of time to render but the results were rather unsatisfying.


Here's what I got so far, and with a lot of imagination, it could be some clouds:




Thank you in advance for ideas!


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Thank you Darren. Unfortunately this didn't help very much, as you can see in the results.


To me, it feels like the noise settings are completely off for my scene scale. The container I have put the Sky Rig in is 500*500*500 units in size. The documentation on Sky Rigs says something about sizing and noise, but feels rather cryptic to me.




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Wow, I did not realize your container was so huge. For such as a huge container, your volume quality and geometry dicing must be really sky high and without even trying, I would expect super long renders.  

How about scaling down your container to a manageable size for instance 15x5x15 and try achieving a look from there? 

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It really seems like container size was a problem.


A smaller container just gave me better results, the colors and patterns aren't perfect...but a lot closer. The reason I scaled it that big was I wanted to be a little closer to real world scale, as I'm planning to have some planes animated and passing along those clouds. Everything is supposed to be as close to real world speed and scale as possible, so can you guys thin of a way this could be achievable using the sky rig?




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