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Mantra Crashes with Memory problems afer a couple of frames

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No matter what I try rendering, Mantra crasehs after 10+ frames due to mameory problems. I already tried thinks like switching to KD Tree, etc, but is there a more specific way inside mantra for memory management? My machine has 16GB RAM (not that much, but it should be fine for rendering a simple ocean plane with medium sampling settings for more than 100 frames). No matter what I try, it will crash.

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It just says Error writing to Image Device and it seems like it isn't even using all the system memory:


Unified Cache: 1.5MB of 3.99GB used

Memory: 1.3fGM VM Size 1.82GB


...and it always this very machine. But I think this is normal with rendering. In one machine, there is always living a Poltergeist.

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