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Bending metal effect


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hey folks =]

can somebody provide me with some information about bending metal?

i think maybe if some bullet is making an hole or some debris is hitting a metal wall

doing holes or not and stretch the wall with or without breaking it.


so any info would be helpful i think,



de Heavy

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What you want is "plastic deformation", that's when the bend in a cloth sim sticks.

IMHO bending metal is very difficult. I think your best bet is to model the before and after shapes then blend between them.

But maybe this can help you:

This old tutorial may no longer apply though:


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yeah great thx, i have to go througth that and blend shaping between a broken and a unbroken models seems to be good too.


but what if i want to make it more dynamic resulting in smthg like seeing here at 1:41min




but with a more metallic look.

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