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autorig update error


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I have a problem with autorig. I cannot modify it, because when I try to update it, Houdini doesn't update the nodes (Biped_animation_rig and Biped_deform_rig). When I try to Refresh Imports for these two nodes, I get an error:


"Error occures while trying to modify parameters to match the auto-link specifications."


I tried to remedy this my matching these two nodes current definitions, and got no errors then at refreshing links, but, well, the rig stopped working then. So what I have to do when I want to update my rig is to create a new one, copy paste layer capture weights node to the new network, delete old nodes, and then everything works fine. But then I lose all animations on my animation rig. Could you at least how to store animation rig keys without some magic tricks on CHOPs? 

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based on my experience, I had a lot of trouble with auto rig toolsets, I believe is not efficient enough to be acceptable in a production line, instead good if you spend your time making your own rig from scratch

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