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RBD Packed Object in dops: Overiding the s@bullet_georep possible?

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I want to define individual pack primitive's geometry representation in sops with an attribwrangle and string value.

If you dive inside the rbdpackedobject there is a bulletdata node with a dropdown list (Parameter is bullet_georep). I can edit the expression on the dropdownlist and put a simple string token "convexhull" or "concave" and it updates fine.


I just cant seem to pass a string attribute I created to override the expression. @mystringvalue shows up in the geometry's attributes, but i cant wire my attribute in to override the string token. Am i missing something super simple here or is this the wrong place to override it?







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There currently isn't a way to specify the geometry representation per packed primitive (all of the supported point attributes are listed at http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini13.0/nodes/dop/rbdpackedobject). A workaround would be to split the convex and concave pieces between two different RBD Packed Objects with the geometry representation parameter set accordingly.

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This is the first result on google, so just wanted to tell that it is possible since H15: https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/news/15/dynamics.html

I also haven't found a better way, but if you change the bullet_georep during the simulation you need to reset the "id" attribute for it to work properly. For example I'm emitting stuff as "convexhull", and when they reach a certain threshold I switch them to "box". At the same time as I set bullet_georep to "box", I also set id = -1 (only once, when the change happens) to make it force update. This will of course create a new set of ids on our packed prims (they will change), so be careful if you use it to identify a specific packed prim later on - either set up a new static index in another attribute or use name.

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