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problem with curves


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Hello! I have a tiny question about Houdini, writing to you because I do not know anyone more versed in this wonderful program. I hope you find a moment what would help me.


when creating a normal curve in the viewport I displayed only point on which I want to billeting curve is terribly inconvenient.


tell me how to display a line between points ?


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if you look at the top of your viewport you'll see the line that says "Update mode is Manual Viewport may be out of date"

this viewport mode is good for not displaying really heavy geometry, or telling Houdini not to cook long, complex node networks when all you want to do is changes some parameters on a node...

but you don't want it like this for regular day to day use...


in the very bottom right hand corner of Houdini you see a button that says "Manual"

click this and select Auto Update.

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