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Rendering Foam particles


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Hello everyone. :)


I have been trying my hands on flip and trying to make a random object coming out of an ocean. There are some tutorials on this which I saw. I rendered ocean surface and foam which then I loaded in nuke. I am attaching an image of how it looks in the comp. The foam nowhere looks like a foam. It lacks the foamy glossy look. 


Foam Render from Houdini includes diffuse, reflect and refract passes. 


Can anyone please tell me how to get the foamy effect in comp.


I could have uploaded the Houdini file but there are many bgeo files attached inside which then will report missing.


Thank you.




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Make your particles pscale small, drop a mantrasurface shader, set 0.7 for the diffuse intensity, leave the color white, and turn on reflection 0.25....Of coz you can feel free to edit it later. If you feel it is too bright. 

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