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I import model from maya in *.obj with uv to houdini. Then export model in *.obj from houdini and open in maya. if uv was vertex type, then in maya all uvs are cut separate. If uvs was point type, then all uvs are conected.. uv are broken in all variants

How I can export model from houdini and hold original uvs?????

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you can't. Houdini isn't like Maya in this respect. In Maya you can merge uvs as you see fit. In Houdini uvs is an attribute either on the vertex or point. As you have mentioned, if it is a vertex, it will be per vertex with separate faces. If it is a point attribute, then all uvs are welded.


If I were you I would leave the uvs as a vertex attribute, load it into Maya, select all the uvs and uv merge with a tiny tolerance like .001. If this still gives undesirable results, then yes, you have to redo your uvs manually. 'tis the price of going back and forth because software than are conceptually different...

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