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transparency in VEX surface shader


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hey all

im basically trying to create a shader that the opacity is based on the surface normal, just like water. simple eh <_<

in houdini theres a vex_super material that does the exact thing i want, with the alpha para and perp. etc

an example of this for those who are also using maya, it's just the sampler info node that does this.

but im tryin to do this with my own shader

so if anyone could just tell me how they do that, it would be great.

btw, ive really tried, but my results are ;)

all the best

aracid :blink:

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Basicly this done using dot product of N and -I. Both vectors must be normalized. To control falloff use pow function.

So classic RMC glow shader looks like:

opacity=pow(clamp(normalize(N).normalize(-I), 0, 1), falloff);

clamp used for drop off backfaces

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