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Controlling your fractures in houdini tutorial help - Digital Tutors T

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Hi guys,


I am having 2 issues with this tutorial, and hoped that someone might be able to shed some light on my mistakes.


It is somewhat similar to this topic posted by Ispep...


...I did find some useful information in the aforementioned post, but my issues are a little different.


1. On creating the active and passive points, the attribute transfer seems to create the point colour correctly and I'm not receiving any errors, when I run the simulation, the pieces that are active are random and do not seem to utilise the attribute transfer at all.

2. I also had an unresolvable problem creating the depth mask for fracture pieces. Although I (think) I followed the tut correctly, the pieces are not masked from inside to outer faces (black to red), they seem to be randomly applied.


Much apologies for extreme noobness :)

Any help would be really appreciated.


I'm currently running 13.0.593


Here is the file: https://www.sendspace.com/file/3srqz9


Thanks in advance

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you are using $OBJ in the lookup expression, I dont know the order of of dop process operations but it may or may not be in ID order, $OBJID may or may not be in 0 based order. try opdigits($OBJNAME).  You need to make sure that point 0 aligns to piece_0, point 1 aligns to piece_1 and so on.

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