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Access SOP per point attribute in COP

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I am currently playing around with using COP together with SOP, and I have run into a little problem.


Here is what I have done:


1. I have scattered points along a surface

2. Then I gave each point an attribute which contains a filename like "flower_1.jpg" and "flower_2.jpg"

3. With a copy SOP I put planes on each point

4. After that I put a material SOP wich overrides the texturepath with the attribute from the point

5. Everything works as it should.


Now I am in need to faking shadows (please do not give me suggestions on other ways to do shadows, we do both know that it isn't really flowers I am working with ;) )

The solution that fits my needs the best is to have a plane, rotated along the surface, with the same texture as the previous one. But this of course needs to be black and a bit faded. I have managed to do this in COP with a hardcoded texturepath, but now we have reached my problem :)


How do I feed my point attribute with the filepath into my COP-network, and  then retrieve the output so that I can use it as a texture?


I have tried to search, but I have had no luck so far.


I am thankfull for everything that can get me in the right direction




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Hi Joakim,


can you check this out: 

i remember something like that in this tutorial. 


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Sorry for late response.

Thanks for your help!

I could not find anything that helps me in that video. Though I might have found a solution. I will tell once I am really sure it works.

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