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Sankar Kumar

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I have a small doubt any one give me a suggestion please. I am doing a flip fluid simulation using two fluid source in a single container. I want to add a uniform force that affect the fluids emitted by any one fluid source(Say Red color flip source). Please check the attachments 

Use a pop force pluged in the particle velocity input on flip solver.

Write a vex expression...

Something like


force *= @Cd.x;


This will multiply your red color with the value you set in the force parameter.


However keep in mind that this will not be perfect since flip is solving on a grid after taking the velocity of all particles in a voxel and averaging them out.

Lowering the grid scale will help abit but it comes with a cost of time to solve.

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One more doubt Martin, How to mask the force using meta balls or any sop objects. I tried "Pop Metaball force" but don't know the proper way to achieve.

From the help card.

The metaballs must be set up with force attributes using the Force SOP Particles within range of the metaballs will be influenced by them, scaled by the weight of the metaball.


You can then write a vex expression to override the force scale parameter per particle.

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