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Changing Rest Geometry with FEM

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I have several objects that get added into the simulation over time and I don't want to create a Solid Object node for each copy. I can add geometry via a sopsolver or using the Creation Frame parameter. 


The Solid Object has an animated object as its Rest Geometry and I would like to offset that animation a random amount of frames for each copy, but I have no idea how to do this. Is there a way you can access the rest geometry and change it? Preferably inside of the sopsolver where I spawn the copies. There's a restgeometrypath property in RestProperties, could it be modified differently for each object somehow?




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Hi Jonathan,


I've the same question right now. Have you found the answer?


By the way, look at http://ihoudini.blogspot.com.ar/

Sam uses exactly the rest attribute to move the worm ... even if I can't makke it work on H14. I don't know if the problem is H14 or myself (probably the 2nd ... eheh)

EDIT: now it works, I con't understand why after publishing here something all works right ... :D




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