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how to contain fluid inside bowl that is moving to fast and splashes o


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Hi guys i'm doing a farly simple flip sim in which i have a bowl filled with liquid(flip) my problem is the bowl moves fast (a couple characters are carrying the bowl) and the flip just goes and splashes out of the bowl and i would like to keep it a bit contained in the bowl i've tried adding a custom vel field created from the bowl geo but i cant get a decent result do you have any idea on how to control the flip so it wont reacts and splashes out of the bowl as much




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Compare the particle position to the relative position of the bowl. Increase force to push them back into the bowl as they try to leave. It should create a plausible simulation where the fluid doesn't leave the bowl or at least doesn't leave the bowl without a fight. The VOP Force node could be used to calculate and create the force needed.

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Hey thanks a lot i'll try that i managed to do it siming in object space and using the transform of the object as a force to move the flip inside and then moving the sim to world but your method looks like it might help for another shot i have  thanks

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