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cables snapping on falling bridge


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I've got a crumbling bridge falling. The animation of the cables is driven by the fractured pieces (now falling straight down for simplicity).

What I need is the cables to snap after they reach a certain tenstion (all hail Sam Hancock for his example scene). But I get a weird result. The constraining points seem to switch at the frame they let go. What's up with that?

I have the points of the cables that are anchored to the bridge as group "base". Then in a sopsolver I take them out of that group when they stretch a certain percentage. They should just release, but they snap to a new point before that. Hunh? I'm certainly missing something. Halp!

In the attached image you can see the properly constrained wires, white, line up with their base group at the bridge. While the black wires bend radically at their final point, zig-zagging in a horrid mess.



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Whelp, after digging through a few overly technical examples I found the "gluetoanimation" attribute. On the Wire solver page, no less. Tee hee. Animating that attribute and using some distorted Initial Pose and I'm golden :)

Didn't need any extra pin/attach/glue nodes, didn't need any python or hscript. Boohyah.


See attached.


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