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Smoke and Debris from RBD


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Hi guys,


I'm working on a collapsing simulation and I'm not yet able to emit smoke from collision or from my deleting glue constraint. 

And I need to have some on the ground.


And would it be better to do the debris before or after the smoke.


Thanks in advance for your help! I've attached a file of a RBD collapsing.



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I'm not quite sure I understand. I do work with pack primitive. I've try using the debris shelf tool on my collapsing geometry. It creates a popnetwork, I've made it collide with the ground but for some reason I can't figure out how to collide with the breaking pieces.

How would you transform the popnet (point) into bgeo? Use Copy sop? 


Then, you would emit smoke from the geometry created by the popnet? 


Thanks for your answer.

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