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corrupted bgeos


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since a few weeks I have the problem that after simulating a sequence (Flip), houdini can't display some frames. The bgeo-file on that frame looks ok in file-size, but it wont load inside houdini. The weird thing: the next frame always looks correct in the sim - so I guess the simulation/calculation in houdini is correct and the problem it is more related to writing / the network?? (I'm saving on a NAS) .. but I never had these issues before.


Any ideas? It is very annyoing - and the sequence is not useable of course

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It's very unlikely that Houdini is the culprit here. It sounds like silent data corruption which is one of the most frustrating problems I've ever experienced with computers. If possible check the remapped sectors count on the drives in the NAS. I have a suspicion one more drives has a lot of remapped sectors and is on the way out. If the NAS has a crappy user interface it might not be possible to do without putting the drives in another machine.


Not that it will help you in your current situation but in my opinion typical NAS devices and traditional file systems and RAID are no longer sufficient to reliably handle the large quantity of data in a modern pipeline. Traditional file systems and RAID don't have the tools necessary to detect and correct silent data corruption like I think you're experiencing. Even if the file system checks and RAID checks say everything is okay that doesn't mean it is. See my blog post below about it.




Next time around consider something like ZFS. I have yet to have any problems with silent data corruption with ZFS on Linux and I'm using it with 100+ drives in various machines for over a year now (24/7 usage). Okay, getting off my soapbox now. In a nutshell there's likely a failing drive in your NAS.

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